Health for Two

This Program support pregnant women during their pregnancy.  It is to promote a healthy pregnancy by offering prenatal information, Nutrition supplements such as prenatal vitamins and milk coupons, connections to community services, all women during their pregnancy and following the birth of their baby to 2 months of age.

It is delivered by a partnership of community agencies, Alberta Health Services, and the Public Health Agency of Canada (Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program).

Health for Two is for YOU and you BABY

It is FREE

You get prenatal vitamins and coupons for milk while you are pregnant ans up two two months after the baby is born. You also get information about being pregnant and becoming a new mom

It is EASY

it helps you connect with health worker. community support and other women. You decide what help you need and when you need it. Health for Two will help you and your baby to be healthy.

       > Gift Certificate to attend Free Prenatal Classes at your Public Health Center

4. Bus tickets for doctor appointments

5. Connection to other community supports and resources.This program is designed to  Milk coupons and vitamins are provided to participants. The program will also provide information for additional resources and support for a healthy pregnancy.

Please call 780-477-1151 for appointment or to speak with the family support worker.