About Us

Since May, 1972, Beverly Day Care society and Family Resource Centre has served North East Edmonton.  Our nonprofit childcare services and FCSS funded family support programs are overseen by a volunteer board of directors.  The Beverly Daycare has been acknowledged for excellence in childcare through accreditation by the province of Alberta since 2006.   

Mission Statement

  • To provide affordable and accessible high quality care to children regardless of race, religion or ethnic origin to meet community needs.
  • To provide a sound educational pre-school program designed to meet the mental, emotional, physical and social needs of each child.
  • To provide support for families at risk and in poverty.


  • Ensure quality programs.
  • Involve parents and the community in providing quality programs.
  • Ensure children come first.
  • Meet the needs of children in a rapidly changing world.


  • “It takes a community to raise a child.”
  • All families are entitled to affordable, accessible and high quality child care.
  • Children are entitled to a safe, secure and caring learning environment where they are respected and valued.
  • The provision of pre-school funding must be fair, adequate and affordable.
  • Parents and teachers work together to develop a child’s full human potential.
  • We promote and encourage volunteerism.
  • A child’s environment acts as the third teacher in development.